Workers polishing a concrete floor

We practice within a highly specialized niche and avoid offering other miscellaneous services that take attention away from our specialty.

Our proprietary system involves industrial diamond abrasives, large industrial equipment, and scientific testing equipment (for metrology measurement and distinction of image readings). The system enables us to process concrete and terrazzo surfaces to a polished finish, and to quantify the finished floor. The result is a floor with high aesthetics and superior durability. As a result of our proprietary system, we are able to offer a 7-year warranty.

Our Specialties

Mechanically Polished Concrete

If you are a facility or warehouse owner or manager looking for solutions to concrete dusting, spalling, joints, low light, or failing coatings, we have permanent, manageable solutions for you.

Mechanically polished concrete is a highly durable, low maintenance flooring that helps earn significant points towards LEED® and eliminates costly stripping and waxing cycles.

Cuviello works with owners, architects, specifiers, and structural engineers during the specification process. We work with general contractors from the time they are awarded a project through the processing of the surface. Upon completion of polishing services, we provide detailed maintenance guidelines and trainings.

Mechanically Polished Terrazzo

Advancements in diamond abrasives now allow cement and epoxy based terrazzo to be mechanically polished. This creates a highly durable, low maintenance flooring that eliminates costly stripping and waxing cycles and helps earn significant points towards LEED®.

Cuviello can repair your discolored, stained and damaged terrazzo, eliminating further deterioration and unsightly dirt buildup in damaged areas. Detailed maintenance guidelines and trainings are provided upon completion of polishing services.

Polished Concrete
Terrazzo Polishing
Polished Overlays/Toppings
Grinding and Sealing
Surface Prep
Joint Repair and Filling
Dust Proofing
Epoxy and Coatings