For General Contractors


Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo is the premier Mid-Atlantic polishing contractor.

Contractors working with concrete

We practice within a highly specialized niche and avoid offering other miscellaneous services that take the attention away from our specialty.

Due to our extensive experience in the commercial market, Cuviello offers general contractors the best, most comprehensive help with managing architect and owner expectations.

Cuviello services the mid-Atlantic region; our customer base is commercial, industrial, educational, warehouses, manufacturing, retail and government.

All of our employees are required to participate in our OSHA-based safety training.

Cuviello has extensive experience in working with the needs of general contractors; we understand how critical it is to adhere to tight schedules and the proper scheduling of other trades around the work we perform. Processing concrete requires large areas to be clear and free from all debris and other trades. Final protection is always an issue and we have several solutions to protect the floor after we have completed our work. Cuviello can assure a general contractor an efficient and successful installation.

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Concrete polishing results are largely dependent on what we are given to work with. Consequently, the concrete supplier must understand why they must strictly adhere to mix design specifications. The placement contractor needs to realize that what he is pouring and finishing is not a sub floor, but the final flooring surface. There has to be a clear understanding of how to finish the concrete to get the best possible results from the polishing process.

There are other intricacies that a general contractor may not be aware of, but we understand them thoroughly - here are a few examples: if the building is block construction, the thickness of the felt between the block and pour needs to be considered. Equipment that runs on electric has large power requirements that need to be planned for. Often, temporary power is insufficient. It is important to remind all trades that the concrete will be used as the finished floor and should be treated accordingly.

Ask about our exclusive 7-year warranty on our highly refined polished finishes.