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Cuviello Concrete has been awarded the polished concrete work for the new Navy Exchange and Commissary in Annapolis, Maryland by KBE Building Corporation out of Farmington, Connecticut. The job consists of polishing the 29,000 square foot of commissary floor. The polished concrete work is to be performed starting in of November 2013. Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing is very excited to have the opportunity to work on this project. This will be the first project done with KBE and the sites location is 15 minutes from Cuviello Concrete’s office. Most of Cuviello’s polished concrete work is performed an hour to 8 hours away. The polishing process will include Retro Plate densifier and Retro Guard polish protector. To complete the project 4 – 44″ 1200lb machines will be used that use 24 3″ industrial diamond abrasives attached to the bottom. The process will consists of 8 different grit sizes of abrasives and each grit will be fully refined before moving on to the next to give the floor the highest degree of ascetics and maximum durability. Before the commissary is turned over an in house maintenance training will be performed to ensure proper maintenance is performed.

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Check back for updates and pictures as they become available.

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