Concrete – Polished Coated?

Concrete - Polished Coated

In an effort to increase education about Polished Concrete and Coated Concrete Durability and Design Jen Kramer brings industry experts Kevin Brown (KTA-Tator, Inc.), Jim Cuviello (Cuviello Concrete), and Phil Scisciani (Specialty Coatings and Consulting, Inc.) together in a panel discussion to explore Concrete – Polished Coated? Jim, Phil and Kevin all agree that some applications are more suited for polished concrete and others are better suited for coated concrete. If you are interested in learning which application best fits your needs click on the link below. Other discussions in the video include maintenance and education.

How to verify polished concrete installation?
What maintenance is required to preserve a coated concrete floor?
What can be done to maintain the aesthetic look of polished concrete?
What is the expected lifespan of a coated and a polished floor?
Are there situations where one application clearly has the advantage over the other?
How does each system perform in slippery or wet conditions and how can they be engineered to have better slip resistance while maintaining aesthetics?

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YOU TUBE Concrete – Polished Coated?

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