A polished concrete floor in a restaurant/bar

Our proprietary Cuviello system provides a natural, mechanically polished floor with long-lasting beauty, ease of maintenance, and environmental benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Totally eliminates the needs for waxes, sealers,
      finishes, coatings and replacement
  • Low maintenance
  • Economical
  • Permanent flooring solution
  • Increases the impact of existing light
  • LEED® benefits; environmentally friendly
  • On warehouse concrete floors:
    • Reduces wear and tear on warehouse equipment
    • Resists tire marks left by forklifts
    • Eliminates dusting and particulate debris

Low Maintenance

The proprietary mechanical polishing process eliminates the need for waxes, sealers, finishes and coatings. Our polished surfaces do not require expensive refurbishment and maintenance OR the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Associated costs with stripping, top scrubbing, refinishing, and deep cleaning are eliminated. The result is a beautiful, durable, and efficient surface.

Permanent Flooring Solutions

Our polishing system results in a surface that does not go through frequent rollercoaster deep cleaning or restoration cycles like other flooring. Various flooring materials will look great when first deep cleaned or restored. As they receive wear, their appearance slowly degrades, even when frequently maintained. Not until they are deep cleaned or refinished do they look great again. The proprietary polishing process enhances the strength and durability inherent to concrete and terrazzo.

LEED® Benefits/Environmentally Friendly

Choosing a mechanically polished surface helps your facility meet LEED® benchmarks to achieve recognition as a high performance green building.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A variety of attractive appearances can be achieved through the polishing process: honed, semi-polished, or a highly polished surface with a high clarity of reflection and a glasslike finish.

With concrete, additional enhancements range from exposing seeded glass and other decorative aggregates, to decorative saw cut patterns, to the application of stains in a broad spectrum of colors - all custom tailored to the project at hand.

Energy Reduction

Polishing to a higher shine increases the efficiency of installed lighting, reducing energy demands.

Eliminates Concrete Dusting and Particulate Debris

The proprietary diamond polishing process eliminates the dust associated with unprocessed concrete and the particles of chipping paints and epoxies that result from the wear of traditional floor coatings.

Abrasion Resistant

The proprietary mechanical polishing process increases the durability of the surface. As a result, the finished surface resists scratches and abrasions.